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by Professor BC

If you do not recognize evil, the priest said, you cannot taste of salvation.

From at least the fourteenth through the early twentieth centuries, priests have demonstrated the pervasive hold that Satan has upon the world using a very simple technique.

It seems so simple, the priest said, three face-down tokens. You choose one for yourself. You choose one for the devil. You may try it once, twice, or ten times, but you will learn that the devil controls your every move, your every choice.

What better way to drive the parishioner back into church?

And now the ‘Devil’s Power’ is yours, the power to confound the senses: this is Confundamus.

It seems so simple. Indeed, it really is simple. You display three brass tokens: Heaven, Man, Hell. The spec turns them face down. The spec shuffles them about (as many times as she likes). The spec chooses one for herself (completely free choice). The spec chooses one for the devil (completely free choice again). The spec turns them face up. The devil wins. Every time.

You read that right. It all happens under the complete control of the spectator.

She my try it again—immediately—without you touching anything. And the devil wins. Again and again.

No sleights, no switches, no equivoque, no double reality. Confundamus is highly visual, extremely straightforward, and entirely clean. There is only one move, so logical, early and hidden-in-plain-view-necessary that it does not really even qualify as a ‘move’. Self-working—and always in your complete control.

But there is so much more!

Do you want the spec to beat the devil every time? With no more than a gesture, amounting to a mere wave of your hand, the spec beats the devil again and again.

What about having one spec win every try and her friend lose to the devil over and over? You can do that, too.

Confundamus is overflowing with options to make the routine all your own.

But, this is a Prof BC item, meaning that there is more on top of more.

Confundamus comes with additional handlings (and an optional gimmick) that allows you to move into the realms of complete impossibility. These optional handlings require some skill that can be mastered very easily with a mere few minutes practice.

You pick up the tokens and count through them, asking the spec to stop you anywhere. First token? Second? Keep going? Until she stops you—and she always stops on the devil.

The Satanic power of Confundamus is inescapable.

And thus the priest drives his reluctant parishioner back into church!

Confundaums features instantaneous reset, always-ready operation, nothing to wear out or replace, sturdy thick-brass construction to last the years, and the ability to perform it straight from your pocket (for table-hopping), parlour, or even stage.

Impromptu? Absolutely! Put it out as a conversation piece. When your guest asks what it is, you are always prepared to demonstrate the power of Satan in the world.

Ideal as a stand-alone routine, as a companion to your AES GOETIA, DarkSpell book, Vade Retro Satana, &c., or even as an opener for séance work (to find the one who is ‘blessed’ to defeat the devil when no other sitter can).

This is Confundamus. You receive a velvet pouch, three brass tokens depicting Heaven, Man, and Hell, a fourth brass ‘counter’ token, three glass ‘jewels’ for an alternate routine and one of those Prof BC performance manuals: 55 pages complete with extremely easy-to-do instructions, routines, alternate handlings, variations, illustrations, and suggestions for performance

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