The Seven Sins 2.0

$ 95.00

The Seven Sins 2.0 is now parlor / stage size, 4”x6”. It comes either with English lettering or with no wording at all.

You will receive seven solid oak plaques with iconic burn sin images, appropriately aged. Additionally, MR. Darkness has included two of his performance scripts. 

The Seven Sins 2.0 is a perfect fit for readers and performers of darker type magik. It also works well for magicians and mentalists, as we all share the guilt of sin in one form or another. 

I will show you a method where the participant handles the plaques and says absolutely nothing. Yet, you will still be able to reveal their sin. It is self-working with no marked backs, slight of hand, equivoque, memory work, prompting, or peeks. In addition, it is dead simple for you to perform, allowing you to focus entirely on presentation. There are very few effects that have the potential to create such an impactful personal and emotional connection. 



The performer removes and displays the seven sins wooden plaques from a cloth bag. The participant mentally chooses one. Then, the participant mixes the seven plaques while the performer looks away. When the participant randomly places the plaques on the table, the performer is automatically able to reveal the secretly chosen sin. 

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