The Dark Envy PK Box

$ 75.00

A perfect way for spirits to communicate is through the movement of objects.


The Dark Envy Box is a wooden psychokinetic box, which measures 3” x 3” x 2”.  One can use the box to store a pendulum or other cursed objects, or to make it appear to move on it’s own. It is also complementary to the imagery from MR. Darkness’s Seven Sins effect, as it could be used as a potential end reveal for the sin of envy.

The wooden box looks like it came from a clearing in a dark forest, where the earth was scorched and nothing grew.

Inside is a black cloth and a sigil burned leather bottom, both removable. An image of Envy, from the 1618 baroque French print maker Jacques Callot, is etched on the sliding lid cover.  A strong N52 neodymium rare-earth magnet is concealed in the bottom of the box. The box is easily moved beneath a 1” thick wooden tabletop with an additional N52 magnet (not included) or with your favorite electronic coil device.

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