The Spirit of Bobby Fischer

$ 150.00 $ 225.00

In honor of the great American world champion chess master Bobby Fischer, the spectator selects one of three different chess pieces and places it on a miniature chessboard on the square of his choice. 

The magician then demonstrates that the choice may not have been as free as it first appeared.  And not only that, but the chosen piece turns out to be Bobby’s favorite. 

Wondering if perhaps Bobby’s spirit had a hand in the process, the chosen piece is placed on a ouija board and used as a conduit in an attempt to reach Bobby’s spirit.  After some reluctance, the spirit of Bobby Fischer makes it known in no uncertain terms that it did, indeed, play a central role in the evening’s proceedings.  Checkmate!


  • One Ouija Board 
  • Three chess pieces
  • A mini-chessboard with six removable squares
  • A base for the mini-chessboard
  • Four photographs (three of Bobby Fischer in various stages of his life, one of Boris Spassky)
  • Two easels
  • One Instruction booklet, complete with story patter

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