Serial Seance

$ 50.00

Serial killers are typically quite intelligent. They are also often arrogant in the extreme…so arrogant that they believe they are invincible. A logical extension of this attitude is that they would be able to taunt the police and terrify victims as yet not violated, even from beyond the grave.

We are going to conduct an experiment in an attempt to see if this belief has any basis in reality. I have here photographs of six of the most notorious serial killers that have terrorized various parts of the United States over the last 150 years. You may have heard of some of them. (A volunteer now makes a completely free selection of one of six photographs. No one knows its identity.) So what is this all about?

I’ve been doing some research on serial killers, and last night I had a dream…a nightmare, really. One of these monsters played a key role in that dream, and I wrote the culprit’s name on this small piece of paper, which has been lying here on the table since before we began. Let’s see who disrupted my sleep last night. Aha! Jeffrey Dahmer!

I have here a “Murder Book” which contains information about each of these killers. Let’s see what it has to say about Mr. Dahmer. And now, let’s see which killer has “touched” you! Jeffrey Dahmer! May I wish you the most pleasant of dreams!

What you receive:

Six serial killer photographs

One pocket index holding five slips with the killers’ names

One paper-clipped slip with a killer’s name

One Murder Book

One velvet bag in which to carry the props

One set of instructions on parchment-like paper

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