Dead Willing

$ 250.00

Dead Willing - A grotesque legend of old Charleston, is a gripping tale of love, loss and legend. Refined by actual performances on ghost tours, Dead Willing takes a ghost story that could stand on its own and wraps it in authentic props. 

Dead Willing Includes:

  • Authentic Skeleton Key
  • Authentic Antique Pocket Watch
  • Hand labeled glass jar with actual soil from the gravesite. 
  • Aged Tim Wisseman Keepsake box with engraved tag. 
  • Printed Manual
  • Authors research pictures. 
  • Link to free Audio Book.
  • Correct period pattern fabric for box interior. 

I traveled to Charleston to visit the locations in the legend and to docuement my findings. You will have access to all my photos to create a wonderful presentation if desired. The effect is simple to do and allows you to focus squarely on the presentation. 

Each set will be different. Each set uses authentic props. 

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