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Gemini Artifacts proudly announces what could well be the most significant book performance in the world of storytelling magic. Whether you are a bizarrist, storyteller, mentalist, or Titanic aficionado, FATHOMS is the prop and routine that you have been searching after.

On April 15, 1912 the RMS Titanic sank on its maiden voyage killing 1,517. On April 22, 1912 the steamer SS. Mackay Bennet, with the job of collecting the bodies, sailed into the North Atlantic.  On that same Monday, 22 April, 1912, Sydney Buxton, President of the Board of Trade, requested the Lord Chancellor appoint a Wreck Commissioner to investigate the disaster.

FATHOMS is a reproduction of one of the books generated by that august Commission. It contains a complete listing of nearly half of those who perished in the icy waters of the North Atlantic on that horrible night to remember. Actual names. Actual descriptions. Even with a Titanic expert in your audience, this prop will stand close examination because . . . it records the truth.

You tell the familiar story . . . perhaps even show a bit of one of the many Titanic movies . . . and then ask your spectator to select a listing. A single name amongst all of those hundreds. She opens the book. She reads the description. She visualizes the all-too-terrible end and . . . you gain a contact from the watery beyond.

You can reveal the initials, the whole name, the age, gender and occupation--the colouring! the articles discovered on the body! And more! Much more! It is as though you can read the description right over her shoulder--and yet you never approach her.

Not convinced? Have another selection made, perhaps by another spec (or the same!), and yet you know; you again achieve contact. This is an entirely different person, yet this person's story now unfolds. The routine can continue with another and yet another revelation. With FATHOMS you can actually make more revelations than the average audience would be willing to sit through, for each revelation is a reminder of the cold sea and that dark night.

FATHOMS is so much more than merely a 'look and I will see' routine. Build a connection between your spec and the deceased. Develop an empathic response to that fateful cruise. Create a human sympathy that wrings tears from your spectators and renders Titanic more memorable and more real than it has ever been to them before.

This is FATHOMS.

No peeks. No fishing. No stooges. No question-and-answer. No tricky moves. Nothing to hide. Not a single word needs to be spoken before you make your revelations.

If you wish, with handlings completely explained in the performance manual, you may even have the entire show scripted beforehand, rendering FATHOMS a remarkable piece of theatre as well as an impossible mindreading/spiritual connection.

Easily incorporate the props you already own directly into the book.

Create and/or collect additional props and even employ authentic artifacts to further enhance your personal presentation--adding pieces that actually assistyou in performing FATHOMS, secretly making it easier (as well as more effective) to perform.

FATHOMS does all of this and more.

 Each FATHOMS undergoes a nine-step aging process.

 FATHOMS is printed on period style paper using fonts from 1909.

 Each FATHOMS book and Titanic-reproduction ticket is hand crafted and hand aged.

FATHOMS uses actual historical data to recreate the information of the actual Titanic disaster and is presented with the utmost dignity and respect for each of the victims listed in this book. FATHOMS is solemnly and reverently dedicated to the victims of the R.M.S TITANIC. 

Let us tell their stories that they may never be forgotten.

 FATHOMS, from Gemini Artifacts.

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